Vita Green reached 50% Click-through Rate and 60% automation via WhatsApp

Established in 1993, Vita Green Group has achieved remarkable success in the health supplement industry. With three GMP-certified pharmaceutical factories, over 150 retail stores and counters, and a vast network of more than 8,000 global sales points, proving that the company is undoubtedly one of the recognized leaders in the field. The company offers a diversified range of patent brands, with over 150 product genres, catering to customers in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Vita Green Group is dedicated to providing health products that blend Chinese and Western styles, adhering to their mission of “Your Health, Our Mission”. Its brands also include Doctor’s Choice, NATURO VITA, Waton and also Tea Château which provide a unique and enriching healthy tea experience.

The turning point of adopting WhatsApp Business API: multi-store management, performance monitoring, brand certification

Terrence Siu, Head of IT & Group Director, Information Technology of Vita Green mentioned, ‘Previously, each store used separate WhatsApp accounts for customer communications, leading to challenges in managing conversations and monitoring sales performance across the entire group. Additionally, the departure of colleagues would pose risks of losing valuable customer data. By leveraging Omnichat’s WhatsApp Business API,  both front-line stores and back-office employees are now utilizing the same WhatsApp number for marketing, sales and customer service purposes, enabling centralized management and fostering efficiency within the group.

WhatsApp Green Tick verification to safeguard brand credibility

Vita Green Group has been prioritizing brand credibility and has obtained the prestigious green tick verification from Meta for their WhatsApp numbers. The verification ensures its brand authenticity and safeguards against the cybersecurity of WhatsApp fake accounts. Leveraging the capabilities of WhatsApp Chatbot, customers can receive automated updates on the latest product information, and discounts and even schedule appointments for health assessments and body tests, significantly enhancing customer response efficiency.

Integration of WhatsApp Chatbot to track customer preferences, providing most thoughtful marketing promotions

Terrence stated that their group has an extensive member database, emphasizing that a uniform promotion strategy may not resonate with all the members, highlighting the importance of delivering tailored promotions to different target customers. Leveraging the integration of WhatsApp Chatbot, Vita Green Group can diligently track and analyse every customer activity, gaining invaluable insights regarding their product preferences. The meticulous data collected has empowered the brand to gather first-party information, enabling a higher degree of precise marketing messages and personalized product recommendations that ideally align with each customer group’s preferences.

WhatsApp Broadcast delivers massive marketing offers with click-through rates up to 50%

Vita Green Group has been using SMS and email, and now adding to WhatsApp Broadcast to disseminate marketing offers to a wide customer base simultaneously. The real time and two-way communication facilitated by WhatsApp allows customers to make instant purchases and schedule appointments with health consultants.  In addition, Tea Château has attracted numerous new customers using the WhatsApp Broadcast feature. With a delivery rate surpassing 90%, WhatsApp has proven its high effectiveness in reaching customers. Vita Green Group has achieved an impressive click-through rate (CTR) of up to 50%, far exceeding the average CTR of ordinary emails at 3%.

Vita Green Group leverages WhatsApp coupons to drive traffic both online and offline

Coupons are one of the most prevalent ways to boost sales. By utilizing Omnichat’s coupon module, they can design and distribute WhatsApp coupons to members and customers via Broadcast, enticing them to make purchases at physical stores. Terrance Siu of Vita Green Group believes that this approach allows the Group to maintain control over the distribution quantity and accurately target specific customer segments such as VIPs.

The coupons feature a password verification function. To be more specific, upon the customers’ redemption of coupons at the stores, sales representatives of Vita Green retail stores would input corresponding verification passwords to ensure the validity. Through Omnichat’s coupon reports, Vita Green Group could gain valuable insights regarding coupon redemption rates, the stores where coupons are redeemed, and the status of each customer’s redemption.

Incorporation of entertaining games to strengthen customer interaction, “Member-Get-Member” attracts new customers swiftly

Entertaining games can more effectively boost market sales compared to conventional marketing strategies. During promotional events like Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo, Omnichat’s Game Module enables attendees to scan QR codes and participate in WhatsApp mini games to win prizes and coupons. The Member-Get-Member Function within the game promotes the transfer of games between friends, at the same time obtaining phone numbers from the new game players, consistently expanding the customer base without the need of advertisements.

Sales Performance binding, the unwavering support from frontline colleagues is the biggest driving force for the success of digital transformation

The utilization of Vita Green’s WhatsApp Business API account extends beyond the realms of customer service and marketing teams, as it plays a pivotal role in frontline store staff for sales purposes. Upon a customer’s entry into Vita Green’s WhatsApp, the system seamlessly connects them with a salesperson from a Vita Green store, allowing the colleague to fully comprehend the customer’s needs and offer tailored product recommendations.

Terrence Siu firmly believes that the automated process of binding salespeople on WhatsApp not only opens up new avenues for sales but also significantly enriches the overall customer experience. When a customer completes a transaction, the system records the performance of each branch or colleague through WhatsApp. This performance tracking function thus facilitating commission calculation is the critical reason for Vita Green to choose Omnichat as the omni-channel system integration solution.

API Integration to gather member information with third-party platforms and CRM systems

Vita Green has gathered a substantial amount of customer information from various channels and the connecting and updating of data in real-time is the key to uphold an integrated membership system. Through Omnichat’s API integration solution, Vita Green integrates its original membership system information with the Omnichat platform. This integration allows the digital footprints collected from online customer interactions on the website, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to combine with the existing membership system. The information includes member number, birthday, age, membership level, points, preferences, and browsed products, empowering Vita Green to deliver personalized product recommendations and intimate services.

Moreover, Vita Green leverages Omnichat’s API by connecting WhatsApp with the Alipay platform. This integration enables customers to redeem coupons with a single click on Alipay, directing them to Vita Green’s WhatsApp account, fostering traffic interoperability between the two platforms.

Processed 40,000 inquiries in 3 months, increasing sales and customer satisfaction

Over the course of three months (June to August 2023), Vita Green has impressively handled over 40,000 inquiries through the Omnichat platform. Among these inquiries, 96% originated from WhatsApp, with more than 60% being effectively addressed through Chatbot auto-replies. By leveraging Chatbot’s assistance to handle general inquiries, the customer service team could then allocate more time to focus on addressing more complex queries or providing personalized product recommendations. This not only boosts sales but also ensures that customers receive prompt and intimate responses, thereby elevating overall customer satisfaction levels.

As a pioneer in the adoption of Chinese medicines with Western science, Vita Green puts customer health as their first priority and is committed to creating a better shopping experience for customers through technology and digital transformation, and with higher conversion rates!

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