5 tips for using WhatsApp Business to increase sales during the holiday consumption season

Conversational commerce has become a significant trend in digital marketing. Meta’s statistic shows that 70% of adults prefer to contact businesses by messaging. The number of conversations between Meta users and businesses has exceeded 600 million. With Double 11, Black Friday, Double 12, Christmas, New Year, and other festivals approaching, merchants wonder how to use WhatsApp Business to grow their business. We have developed five strategies to help you plan for holiday marketing and seize conversational business opportunities!

Plan: Increase the number of WhatsApp Business subscriptions

Businesses can use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to increase the number of WhatsApp subscribers to ensure that target customers receive holiday marketing discount offers and attract purchases. 

Mannings promotes its official WhatsApp account through Facebook advertisements. Customers who click on the ads will automatically land on WhatsApp with the chatbot triggered. By agreeing to its privacy terms, they can receive the e-coupon, and redeem it at Mannings’ eShop.

Sales: WhatsApp Catalog & Payment

Shopping, placing orders, and payments can all be done on WhatsApp! Please create your own WhatsApp store to allow customers to place orders and pay by themselves. In addition to expanding new sales channels, it also provides customers with a one-stop shopping experience.

Promotion: Broadcast

WhatsApp has an impressive open rate of 98%, much higher than SMS and email, which only have 20%. Through Omnichat, you can send WhatsApp broadcast messages to multiple target customers at once, making distinguishing your brand from others easier.

Vita Green sent out WhatsApp messages for the Mid-Autumn Festival. The messages contained three call-to-action buttons: introducing the latest offers, redeeming testers, and contacting salespersons for one-on-one introductions. This allowed customers to choose the most suitable information, resulting in a significant improvement in conversion rates.

Promotion: Coupon

Distribute WhatsApp coupons during festivals to stimulate impulse consumption and enhance marketing effectiveness. Omnichat’s e-coupons are highly flexible and can be used regardless of website orders or physical stores. They have tracking and countdown functions, which align with the practical application of online-merge-offline (OMO) sales. 

Dyson has recently introduced a time-limited promotion aimed at attracting orders. Once customers receive the coupon via WhatsApp, they can easily and quickly redeem it on the official website.

Promotion: Interactive Games

Leveraging mini-games during festival promotions, brands create interactive consumption experiences for customers, helping them stand out from other brands, and enhancing brand awareness.

bossini.X introduced a capsule toy game during the Christmas season. Customers participated in the lucky draw simply by successfully registering as members on WhatsApp. Upon winning, they would automatically receive electronic discount vouchers, encouraging them to purchase at our stores. Furthermore, customers could effortlessly recommend friends and family to join the game by forwarding WhatsApp messages, effectively spreading the brand’s marketing messages to different social circles. Through Omnichat, bossini.X rapidly increased its membership base. In the future, the first-party data collected will be utilised for remarketing purposes. 

Remarketing: Saving Abandoned Carts

By sending automated messages through WhatsApp, businesses can improve their conversion rates and generate more revenue. One example is FILA, which utilised Omnichat’s abandoned cart remarketing function to send reminders to customers who left items in their carts, resulting in a conversion rate of 26% and a ROAS of over 65%.

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