OSIM introduced ‘Online-merge-Offline’ (OMO) sales feature, achieving omni-channel retailing and 30% of conversion rate

As a pioneer in branded healthy lifestyle products, OSIM leverages on new and patented technologies to develop well-being products and a variety of chairs that are rich in features and excellent in quality. By adopting Omnichat’s online-merge-offline (OMO) sales feature, OSIM seamlessly combines its digital interactivity with offline sales, and provides pre-sales and after-sales support via WhatsApp. The sales performance and revenue have been improved with its customer-centric strategy. 

The higher Average Order Value (AOV) of OSIM’s well-being products suggests that customers are spending more money per purchase with a longer decision cycle. Therefore, how to reach and retain potential customers is a great challenge. To increase conversion rates, OSIM establishes multiple customer touch points to understand customer needs, and then help customers with their purchase decisions.

‘The digital revolution has showcased the convergence of offline and online commerce with proven sales growth,’ said Regina Ip, Marketing Manager of OSIM, ‘Aside from the OMO strategy, OSIM makes use of the WhatsApp Broadcast feature of Omnichat to boost sales, and contributed 30 percent of conversion rate at our 11.11 campaign.’

Leverage Omnichat’s OMO feature to divert traffic across online and offline

Customers can directly chat with the assigned sales agents via WhatsApp, and frontline salespeople can deliver personalised customer service anywhere, anytime after the introduction of Omnichat’s OMO solution. 

Diverting customers from online to offline
OSIM uses Facebook ads to divert online customers to OSIM WhatsApp. Online customers choose a store to connect with and will be bound to frontline salespeople for personalised service. Salespeople can then invite customers to try massage chairs in stores, experiencing the ultimate relaxation of mind and body.

Converting customers from offline to online
When customers scan the QR code at offline stores, they will be automatically assigned to designated salespeople in WhatsApp, facilitating ongoing communications even if they have left the physical store. Exclusive e-coupons and product links powered by Omnichat can be sent in WhatsApp, accelerating the purchase process of customers.

‘We appreciate the function of recognising the revenue of each salesperson once the transactions are completed, it demonstrates the synergy of bridging the online and offline ecosystem,’ said Ip.

Boost earnings from 11.11 Sales via WhatsApp & in-site promotion messages

Retailers face stiff competition in the Double 11 shopping festival every year. With Omnichat’s user-friendly features, OSIM encouraged customers to pre-order or make the purchase on the website, achieving a 30% conversion rate!

WhatsApp Broadcast

OSIM blasted out WhatsApp Broadcast messages with a purchase link button during the Double 11 promotion period. As WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used instant messaging apps in Hong Kong which has the highest market share, businesses can effectively reach target customers and maximise business opportunities through WhatsApp.

In-site promotion messages

OSIM can easily set up in-site promotion messages after the installation of Omnicaht’s website plugin. When customers browse the specified webpages or stay for the specified period, the message will be triggered. OSIM made a smart move to catch customers’ eyes with its youtube videos and hence drive the website conversions during the Double 11.

Increase conversions through exclusive VIP coupons

Even if customers are interested in purchasing OSIM massage chairs, they may not be able to make the immediate decisions because of higher unit price and different sizes. How can frontline salespeople grab potential business opportunities and turn leads into sales? With Omnichat, sales agents can offer exclusive VIP coupons to encourage purchases upon successful binding with customers.

Features of Omnichat exclusive VIP coupons:

  • Send coupons via 1 on 1 conversation
  • Set the sending limit of applicable stores and each sales agent

9x increase in overall conversion rate

By adopting Omnichat’s conversational commerce solution, OSIM easily uses WhatsApp to send broadcast messages and VIP exclusive coupons, and implements online-merge-offline sales to seize every potential business opportunity, increasing the conversion rate by 9 times! 

In addition, Omnichat assists OSIM in the implementation of customer service automation to reduce labour costs. More than 58% of OSIM’s customer inquiries are currently handled by automated systems, which not only improves customer service efficiency, but also reduces customer waiting time and provides them with a smooth shopping experience.

OSIM, a pioneer in branded healthy lifestyle products, embraces the challenges and opportunities of the changing and evolving digital world by leveraging Omnichat. The OMO new retail model helps OSIM develop a customer-centric shopping journey, leading to a higher interaction rate and conversion rate!

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