Sa Sa’s OMO chat commerce strategy leads to 400% YoY growth in website sales

In the Post-Pandemic New Normal era, many retailers have changed their marketing strategies to seize new business opportunities. Sa Sa is a leading beauty products retail group with more than 200 retail stores in Asia. Thanks to its strategic deployment of Chat Commerce when the epidemic broke out, Sa Sa has stood out in a rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment, and its website sales have increased by 400% YoY in the first quarter of 2022!

Sa Sa builds a OMO seamless customer experience

Sa Sa develops omni-channel OMO(online-merge-offline) marketing, integrating WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Website Live Chat through Omnichat. Customer service or sales agents can easily manage multiple communication channels on one platform.

Promotional activities, membership discounts and coupons are also available in online and offline channels. Sa Sa communicates and interacts with customers through multiple customer touch points, allowing them to choose their favourite online or offline channel to obtain product information, gain first-hand experience and place the orders. Therefore, the beauty retailer can deliver a ‘customer-centric’ omni-channel shopping experience. 

Through OMO Conversational Commerce, Sa Sa can communicate with customers on social media platforms anytime,anywhere so as to influence their purchasing decisions and increase conversion rates.

Chat commerce #1: Increase conversion rates through multiple customer touch points and omnichannel communications

Customers tend to use diverse touch points before making purchasing decisions with ‘New Retail’ trends. Sa Sa establishes a more effective two-way communication with customers through the online store and social commerce (communication channels like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger), complementing brick and mortar stores perfectly.

The interconnection of VIP membership and coupon discounts in physical stores and the online store, and ‘Store Pickup Service’ successfully drive online customers to retail stores, providing greater shopping incentives. The sales generated in retail stores are approximately 20% of online revenue in Hong Kong.

Chat commerce #2: Record and analyse customer website browsing and consumption behaviour to achieve precision marketing

Sa Sa records and analyses customer data (such as the number of product views, items added to the shopping cart and purchase history) through Omnichat, in order to understand and analyse customer consumption patterns and preferences to achieve Customer Segmentation. With accurate data analysis, the beauty giant can provide professional beauty tips and personalised shopping experiences, creating a higher ROAS.

When customers come across Sa Sa’s online channels (including the website and all social communication channels), their behaviour will be recorded via Omnichat’s online acquisition feature. A large number of new customers will be acquired in a short period of time, and the brand can further convert them into OMO customers for enhancing customer loyalty and thus developing the business sustainably and steadily.

Hong Li, director of eCommerce at Sa Sa International Holdings Limited, stated ‘Sa Sa is able to build a more comprehensive customer database through online and offline data integration. The most important is that we can make use of big data to recommend their preferred products.’ 

Website Live Chat has been set up on Sa Sa’s online store to answer customer enquiries instantly. In addition, when a visitor browses a specific page of the website, the website will automatically push relevant shopping information, thereby increasing the conversion rate and turning the visitor into a customer.
Sales agents can send information that interest visitors or recommend products according to the customer behavioural data recorded in Omnichat admin panel. 

Chat commerce #3: Reduce customers waiting times by Chatbot Automation / Keyword Auto Reply 

To increase customer satisfaction levels, Sa Sa has set up Chatbot and Keyword Auto Reply to provide timely responses. The system automatically forwards customers’ special enquiries to Sa Sa’s professional beauty consultant team for follow-up. After working with ecommerce messaging solution Omnichat, 50% of enquiries have been handled via automation and there has been 57% decrease in customer waiting times. With such remarkable results, Sa Sa has been selected as Meta’s success story in 2021.

Sa Sa uses Chatbot to divert customer enquiries. Chatbot can also be adjusted anytime for different marketing promotion activities.  
Setting up Keyword Auto Reply in Omnichat admin panel, the latest information can be provided to customers automatically.

Chat commerce #4: Use Chat statistics report / Customer satisfaction survey to monitor service quality

When Sa Sa’s customer service team completes a customer enquiry, the system will automatically send a customer satisfaction survey via WhatsApp / Facebook. The management not only effectively monitors the service quality of employees, but can also be used as a performance recognition or review indicator through Chat statistics report and Customer satisfaction survey.

The management can view customer ratings of the service in the Omnichat admin panel.
The dashboard of Chat Statistics is available in Omnichat admin panel. If there is a sudden increase in the volume of conversations, the management team can deploy additional manpower to provide assistance to consumers.

The conversion rate of conversational commerce is 1000%+ higher than other channels

‘The greatest advantage of chat commerce is to retain customers. If we continue our conversations with customers, we will not lose the business that originally belonged to us.’ Hong Li, director of eCommerce at Sa Sa International Holdings Limited, commented. 

Omnichat’s conversational commerce empowers Sa Sa to achieve precision marketing, and provide customer care services, developing customer loyalty. Sa Sa’s conversion funnel data shows the outstanding results after using conversational commerce: more than 1300% increase in Add-to-Cart, more than 1700% increase in Checkout and more than 1100% increase in purchases. Chat commerce definitely helps speed up the sales process.

Customers who use OMO multiple touch points have higher brand recognition and loyalty than single-channel customers, and their total spending is also relatively higher.


Case sharing: Solve delivery delays crisis by Omnichat

The fifth wave of the epidemic broke out in Hong Kong earlier. Due to the employee’s confirmed diagnosis and delivery delays by the logistics service provider, customers could not receive the products as scheduled.

Sa Sa’s management noticed there has been a sharp increase in online customer enquiries. They kept customers updated about the delivery status via WhatsApp broadcast, in order to resolve the crisis immediately. Electronic coupons were sent to those affected customers through WhatsApp for compensation afterwards.

Sa Sa distributed electronic coupons to affected customers, and also broadcast apology messages via WhatsApp.

Many retailers are seeking digital transformation as COVID-19 has reshaped consumer shopping habits. Sa Sa focuses on the integration of physical stores and online business and uses big data to enhance the personalised omni-channel shopping experience, boosting business growth under the pandemic!

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