iORA leveraged WhatsApp to deliver better customer journey and enhance efficiency via 80% automation

First opened in 1998, iORA is dedicated to offer good-quality wardrobe essentials for modern-day women and men that complete the look for all seasons and occasions. Aiming to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers, iORA has adopted Omnichat’s conversational commerce solutions to communicate with customers via messaging apps across Singapore and Malaysia markets. The fashion brand established multiple customer touch points to reach their target customers, understand their needs and thus assist them in making purchase decisions. 

Ng Hao Ping, Marketing Manager of iORA, commented on the implementation of omnichannel strategy, ‘With the rising trend of “Online-merge-Offline Retail” in APAC market, we can divert traffic across online and offline seamlessly and increase the overall conversions, thus providing a better customer shopping experience, by using Omnichat’s chat commerce solutions.’

Use Chatbot automation to improve Customer Service efficiency 

Similar to many other retailers, iORA needed to manage many customer enquiries from scattered messaging channels every day. With Omnichat, the group has integrated and managed all instant messaging platforms, including Official WhatsApp Business API, Facebook, Instagram and Website live chat, in one place. Automated chatbot and keyword auto-reply have been set up to provide customers with prompt responses, and more than 80% of enquiries are currently handled by the 24/7 chatbot, improving the efficiency of customer care. Human agents can also make use of the saved reply feature to answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), such as store locations and return and refund policy with ease and speed up communications.

Powered by Omnichat, iORA pre-set a greeting message with buttons on their website live chat, so customers can get the information they need immediately.
Powered by Omnichat, iORA pre-set a greeting message with buttons on their website live chat, so customers can get the information they need immediately.

‘We can now handle all the customer enquires from various messaging channels on Omnichat, the all-in-one chat commerce platform, and the Chatbot has already helped us to deal with over 80% of enquiries, reducing customer support response times as well as improving customer satisfaction,’ Ng Hao Ping, Marketing Manager of iORA, stated.

Reach more customers via WhatsApp Broadcast

Many retailers just leverage WhatsApp in customer support, however, there is much more they can do. Aiming to build brand awareness and loyalty for holidays and special occasions, iORA blasted out WhatsApp mass messages with the promotional video embedded to their VIP. This creative format helps drive more engagements than SMS, a single-way communication channel which only supports text messages. The WhatsApp broadcast message for the Mother’s day campaign achieved a 75% open rate, which is much higher than traditional communication channels such as emails and SMS.

Ng Hao Ping, Marketing Manager of iORA, remarked, ‘The WhatsApp Broadcast feature, supported by Omnichat, empowers us to convert new customers and retain previous customers in both ways, as well as build customer loyalty on different occasions.’

Implement OMO approach with WhatsApp coupons to increase traffic across online and offline

Leveraging WhatsApp commerce step by step, iORA has recently adopted an ‘Online-merge-Offline’ business strategy to get more subscribers and encourage offline customers to purchase online. 

Store salespeople provide customers with a designated QR code during their visit, and when customers scan the QR code and send out the keywords via WhatsApp, they will get discounted coupons for online purchase. During the coupon collection, iORA successfully obtained customer’s consent and acquired new WhatsApp subscribers for future promotion. 

Powered by Omnichat, coupons can be applicable to online and offline shopping. This means that customers can seamlessly switch between online and offline channels, resulting in higher conversions and better omnichannel shopping experience. 

iORA fashion is definitely a pioneer of adopting chat commerce in customer service and marketing across Singapore and Malaysia markets. Determined to leverage messaging apps for converting and retaining customers, gaining more subscribers will be the next focus of iORA. More remarketing strategies such as website remarketing message and abandoned cart retargeting via WhatsApp can then be practised for increasing revenue growth and creating a more convenient shopping experience.

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