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On 20th Sep, Meta held its second edition of the ‘Conversations’ event in India to explore the future of businesses by messaging. Not only shared the latest statistics and success stories on business messaging, Meta also introduced the newly launched and upcoming product features including WhatsApp Flows, Meta Verified for businesses and WhatsApp Channels.

Entering a new era stressing personalisation, many brands have started developing new business possibilities and meaningful customer relationships with messaging. According to Meta, 7 out of 10 adults prefer messaging when interacting with a business. There are more than 600 million conversations between people and businesses on Meta platforms and the number of WhatsApp Business app users has already reached 200 million globally. 

WhatsApp Flows: Create a smoother customer journey in chats

Meta announced the launch of WhatsApp Flows in the ‘Conversations’ event, allowing businesses to provide rich menus and customisable forms that cater to different needs.

With WhatsApp Flows, customers can book appointments, fill out and submit forms and sign up for events without leaving WhatsApp, enjoying a seamless shopping journey in chats. Meta said Flows will be available to businesses using the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) in the coming weeks, enabling them to offer customers end-to-end shopping experiences and boost business transactions. 

Meta Verified for businesses: Increase the credibility and visibility

Assisting businesses in building authenticity and confidence with customers, Meta is expanding Meta Verified to businesses on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. With multiple steps of the verification process and various checks, Meta would like to create a sense of trust for brands and their customers with verified badges and impersonation protection. 

It is also said that there will be expanded account support and improved discovery for Meta Verified businesses. The feature will soon be available on Instagram and Facebook in the selected countries, and then on the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business Platform (API). 

WhatsApp Channels: Publish regular updates to your business followers

WhatsApp Channels, which have been already launched globally, are a one-way communication tool for organisations and influencers to broadcast updates including text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls to followers. 

While channel followers are unable to directly reply to channel updates or send messages to admins, they can express their reactions to the feeds through emojis and view the number of total reactions. 

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