Facebook / Instagram live shopping: Bring offline retail experience to online

Social media is an important tool for businesses to promote and market their products, and with the improvement of live streaming technology and the rise of online shopping, Facebook and Instagram live streaming has become the best choice for online advertising and promotion, which can increase audience interaction and communication.

In this article, we will introduce how to use Facebook and Instagram live streaming to drive real-time shopping, improve engagement rates, and boost revenue.

Product promotion

By showcasing the features, advantages, and instructions of products during the live streaming, interested customers can better understand the products, and product exposure and popularity can also be increased.

During the Facebook live of Mannings e-shop’s 2nd anniversary, customers left comments with a specific keyword ‘For Dummies’ under the feed, and the Chatbot instantly sent product information to customers’ inboxes, effectively promoting products and increasing the e-shop’s conversion rate.

Interactive Communication

Businesses can interact with live-streaming viewers and answer questions promptly, increasing transaction conversion rates. Making use of Omnichat’s FB/IG keyword automatic reply, brands can pre-set keywords such as ‘PM’, ‘discount’ and ‘interested’, and they can quickly handle large volumes of inquiries by 24/7 Chatbot, improving customer satisfaction without additional manpower and resources.

ParknShop launched a World Cup special promotion on Facebook by using Omnichat’s keyword automatic reply and coupon module. Viewers who left messages with certain keywords could receive coupons, which encouraged them to shop either online or offline. Also, reach and engagements of the Facebook fan page can be increased. 

FORTRESS also conducted a Facebook live to grow the audience and business, and increase engagement and conversion rates. By pre-setting certain keywords for automatic reply, viewers could receive coupons (with discount codes) immediately via Facebook Messenger when leaving the comments with the keywords. 

Instant Payment

Live streaming often attracts a large amount of traffic, and many businesses provide limited-time discounts and promotions to stimulate impulse purchases. Omnichat helps businesses capture consumers’ online impulsive buying behaviour, with its new instant payment feature supporting Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Businesses can send payment links to customers in chats, enabling them to receive payments directly within the messaging app. It creates a seamless shopping experience and makes online sales more convenient.

Retain customers

How can live streaming customers become repeat customers? Businesses can easily segment customers by using Omnichat’s automatic tagging feature, and with Facebook’s recurring notifications, they can send messages about new products, promotions, and limited-time activities to subscribers. Leveraging the traffic brought by live streaming, brands can easily turn new customers into repeat ones!

Benefit Cosmetics encouraged customers to subscribe to its Facebook’s recurring notifications with coupons. After getting more opt-ins, they can then use Facebook Messenger to send regular messages about new product releases and promotions, which can effectively reach their target audience.

Omni-channel messaging solution by Omnichat

Omnichat empowers brands to integrate multiple channel messages, including FB, IG, WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE, WeChat, and website live chat, for centralised management and enhanced efficiency. With automated Chatbots, businesses can respond to customers quickly or redirect inquiries to customer service live agents, lowering labour costs and improving customer satisfaction. Using Omnichat’s various features during FB or IG live streaming, including Chatbots, keyword automatic replies, coupons, and instant payment links, can provide customers with a convenient and seamless shopping experience, so as to capture opportunities arising from omni-channel retailing environments.

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