Benefit Cosmetics launched WhatsApp appointment of beauty services, boosted booking rate by 30%

Founded in 1976, Benefit Cosmetics (under LVMH group) believes that laughter is the best cosmetic because when we are laughing and having fun, that’s when we are at our most beautiful. With a global presence of over 3,000 BrowBars, and a team of 5,000 adept beauty service professionals across 59 countries, Benefit not only tends to our eyebrow needs but also encourages us to embrace our confidence and have fun. 

In today’s digital age, Benefit Cosmetics is dedicated to meeting its customers where they are. With the launch of Omnichat, the brand has elevated the customer experience by utilizing social communication tools such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The highly sought-after Brow & Lip Wax Service is now available for online reservation through the official website as well as messaging apps, providing customers with a more convenient booking experience. This has resulted in a significant increase in the booking rate, which has risen by 30%.

‘By integrating Omnichat into our service booking system, we have enhanced the customer journey, providing them with a direct means of interacting with our brand and receiving prompt responses,’ Sue Leung, the Retail & Operations Manager of Benefit Cosmetics Hong Kong, said.

WhatsApp appointment of Personalised Beauty Services

Previously, Benefit Cosmetics used SMS for sending appointment confirmations and reminder messages. However, SMS primarily caters to one-way business communication and does not allow customers to respond. In contrast, WhatsApp allows customers to schedule or modify bookings and inquire about service details at their convenience.

Benefit has integrated its service appointment API with Omnichat, which enables automated broadcast of appointment confirmation and notification messages via WhatsApp, without the need for manual handling. Moreover, WhatsApp provides Benefit with an efficient platform to manage appointments and communicate with customers in real-time.

Benefit Cosmetics has leveraged WhatsApp as one of its service booking channels, resulting in a significant increase in the booking rate. According to Sue, the official launch of WhatsApp in January has already yielded remarkable results, with a 30% increase in the booking rate during January and February compared to the previous year.

Interactive Marketing Campaigns via WhatsApp / Facebook

Benefit Cosmetics has been able to create, launch, and manage interactive marketing campaigns on social communication channels effortlessly through Omnichat. The platform’s coupon module was utilised to redirect traffic from online to offline channels and attract new Benefit subscribers of Facebook Recurring Notifications. This feature enables brands to send free messages to customers who have subscribed, ensuring effective communication and engagement.

Benefit has also implemented the Keyword Auto-reply function on its Facebook feeds, enabling automatic real-time responses to incoming messages. Furthermore, Facebook’s algorithmic feature increases the visibility of posts when fans leave comments, potentially leading to more engagement and an increase in fan numbers. By adding fans who leave messages to the subscription list, Benefit can efficiently broadcast promotional messages in the future, resulting in more precise marketing efforts. Overall, this feature can transform the Facebook feed into a free advertising space, driving reach and engagement in a short period.

Hong Kong residents commonly send various WhatsApp stickers to their friends, particularly for celebrating holidays and expressing good wishes. As a result, an increasing number of companies are using WhatsApp stickers as a means of promoting their brand and engaging with their audience. Benefit utilised Omnichat to automatically distribute their branded WhatsApp stickers to customers for Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day through a QR code and link.

‘The marketing capabilities of Omnichat, including game modules and a WhatsApp Sticker Pack, have significantly amplified our brand awareness and fostered customer loyalty, leading to a remarkable 200% increase in business year-over-year,’ Sue mentioned.

Centralised management of messaging channels

Creating effective customer communication is essential for every brand. However, managing various scattered social channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, can be challenging. Omnichat enables Benefit Cosmetics to integrate messaging apps into a single platform, allowing them to handle approximately 33% of customer inquiries using an automated chatbot. This approach has reduced the time cost for their customer service team and minimised waiting times for customers. By leveraging Omnichat, Benefit’s team can typically respond to customers within an hour, which is 60% faster than the average email response time.

What’s the next step of their journey to digital transformation? Personalisation.

According to statistics, over 70% of consumers consider ‘personalisation’ as a standard level of service. To cater to customer requirements and enhance customer loyalty, Benefit Cosmetics aims to offer personalised beauty services and consultations through Omnichat’s online-merge-offline sales feature. This approach will allow Benefit to not only meet customers’ needs but also expand their business.

Using Omnichat, customers can be assigned to a specific salesperson who provides customised beauty advice. This one-on-one conversation allows the salesperson to recommend beauty products and services that are tailored to the individual’s needs. Even if the customer decides to make the purchase online, it will still be credited to the salesperson’s performance automatically.

Social commerce is a burgeoning trend that is shaping the future of business. With the support of Omnichat, Benefit Cosmetics is expected to continue to captivate us with its exceptional beauty products and services!

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