Eu Yan Sang’s digital transformation: Increase GMV by 10x with WhatsApp and Mobile App

‘Digital Transformation’ has become a continuing trend among traditional brands, but not every company can successfully create a seamless customer journey and increase sales accordingly. Eu Yan Sang is one in a thousand.

Founded in 1879, Eu Yan Sang is well-known for Chinese Medicine healthcare products, which currently runs more than 230 retail outlets in Hong Kong and Macau SARs, Mainland China, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Similar to other retailers, Eu Yan Sang has suffered from one major pain point: operating online and offline businesses separately and they are competing resources from one another.

Vivian Chan, Senior Manager (E-Commerce) of Eu Yan Sang (HK) Limited, believes ‘Online + Offline ≠ 2’, the result shall be ‘larger than 2’ and Online-merge-Offline (OMO) strategy shall multiply the synergy.

The new retail approach ‘Online-merge-Offline’ has been used to help deliver the omnichannel customer experience. With WhatsApp and its brand App, Eu Yan Sang can handle customer enquiries and carry out marketing campaigns easier. 

Chat Commerce with WhatsApp

Eu Yan Sang has made use of WhatsApp Business API, powered by Omnichat, to complete its OMO cycle. Customer service and Marketing automation can now be delivered through WhatsApp, enhancing efficiency and providing a more personalised experience for customers.

Chatbot / Keyword Auto-reply

When customers send a preset subscription message to Eu Yan Sang, WhatsApp Chatbot / Autoreply will be triggered. They can receive discount codes instantly, improving customer experience.

Using discount code to encourage the subscription of its Official WhatsApp account, Eu Yan Sang has successfully attracted new customers, which facilitates customer segmentation for accurate retargeting.

Abandoned Cart Remarketing

Many businesses send unchecked reminders to customers in order to recover those abandoned carts. However, the open rate of Email is less than 10%, and WhatsApp’s open rate reaches 98%. Through Omnichat, Eu Yan Sang sends automated messages to remind customers of unchecked items via WhatsApp, effectively increasing the conversion rate. 

Omnichat’s Abandoned Cart Remarketing feature allows brands to customise the delivery time and reminder content. A second WhatsApp reminder with offers such as discounts and free gifts can be scheduled to send out  if the customer has not yet checked out after receiving the first message.

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast Message is always a powerful tool for WhatsApp promotion. Scheduling and blasting personalised messages with accurate targeting can reach out to many customers at the same time.

Eu Yan Sang has sent bulk WhatsApp messages to their loyal customers by using Omnichat during its anniversary campaign. Vivian Chan, Senior Manager (E-Commerce) of Eu Yan Sang (HK) Limited, stated, ‘The conversion rate is high but the cost is cheaper than SMS. Therefore, we will continue to use WhatsApp Broadcast for promoting our marketing campaigns later.’ It is not surprising that customers are more likely to respond via their favourite communication channel, which is a faster and more convenient way.

OMO Chat Commerce

We used to split up Online and Offline business, and regard them as two different purchasing channels. But Eu Yan Sang has integrated Online and Offline data, creating a complete OMO cycle for better conversions. 

‘Omni-channel purchasers have higher spending power. We can also recapture potential lost sales from offline stores through the OMO strategy. Our Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) has increased by 10 times in the past 2 years.’ Vivian Chan, Senior Manager (E-Commerce) of Eu Yan Sang (HK) Limited, said. 

Currently, there are 70% orders and 30% traffic from online channels. Eu Yan Sang plans to further merge and increase Online and Offline sales with Omnichat’s OMO sales solution. 

Omnichat’s system can automatically bind the customer with a specific salesperson for WhatsApp 1 on 1 selling. Once customers complete the purchase, the system will calculate the revenue of the salesperson and facilitate cross channels revenue tracking. In other words, frontline sales can also earn the commission on successful online orders via WhatsApp.

First Party Data with WhatsApp

Apart from customer service and marketing automation, Omnichat allows brands to collect First Party CRM Data across channels. 

Unconverted offline traffic does not mean a dead end. Eu Yan Sang has collected and used all offline CRM data to turn visitors into customers via WhatsApp and App, delivering full cross-channel experiences. 

Omnichat enables brands to capture the First Party Data through conversations. Businesses can categorise and segment customers through tagging, which is useful for building customer relationships and future remarketing campaigns.

As a leading Traditional Chinese Medicine health and wellness company in Asia, Eu Yan Sang seeks breakthroughs with Chat Commerce and keeps up in a fast-changing digital world. Contact our consultants to know how we can help to grow your business with the latest conversational marketing technology!

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