Hongkong Storage: Sales & revenue tracking via WhatsApp, achieving 30% automation

Every meter counts. In order to utilise every space in Hong Kong and create a comfortable living and working environment, a ‘mini storage’ will be an alternative. Established in 1997, Hongkong Storage pioneers in mini storage services. With the aim of integrating multiple social messaging channels and providing instant customer services, Hongkong Storage decided to use WhatsApp Business API powered by Omnichat.  Not just their customer services efficiency has been greatly enhanced, but their sales performance could also be tracked through this transformation.

The past platform was complicated to use and lack of sales tracking

Hongkong Storage tried to use other messaging platforms by its previous suppliers, but they could not manage the past platform well due to the complexity of interface design, which caused delays in replying to customers hence loss of customers. Additionally, the previous platform only includes ordinary customer service function without sales tracking. Hongkong Storage switched to Omnichat as a result.

Real-time sales and performance monitoring via WhatsApp

With Omnichat, Hongkong Storage successfully diverted online visitors for front-line sales staff to follow up, which highly boosted its conversion rate. Regardless of website or Facebook ad visit, customers are referred to Hongkong Storage’s official WhatsApp account. The system will then automatically assign its sales team to follow up with customers in real time. Due to its simple and user-friendly interface of Omnichat, sales manager of Hongkong Storage can manage replies and monitor performance of individual staff neatly via Omnichat’s platform.

Sending the latest offers to all customers at once with WhatsApp broadcast

Louis Chung, Managing Director of Hongkong Storage commented, ‘We love Omnichat’s WhatsApp broadcast feature the most as latest offers can be blasted to our target audience accurately. Apart from mini storage services, Hongkong Storage also provides cabinet and corporate documents storage options. By utilising customer filter function of Omnichat, the team can filter out target audiences who meet the promotion criterion in an easy way and send out broadcast messages more precisely to achieve accurate marketing.’ When the existing customers’ contracts are about to expire, the team can also filter them out and notify them to renew their contracts through WhatsApp broadcast messages, shortening the entire sales process and increasing the operational efficiency.

Providing exclusive regional discounts to customers through website

Hongkong Storage has a network of branches covering all major areas in Hong Kong and are directly managed by company’s professional team. With Omichat’s automatic marketing function on websites, customers can receive different offers based on the locations of mini storage they selected. Offers will be automatically pushed at the bottom right of website. This helps Hongkong Storage to create a unique storage experience tailored to the different needs of customers.

Integration of social messaging channels to improve reply efficiency

Through integrating different social messaging channels into Hongkong Storage’s website, it allows customers to interact with their team more easily. At the same time, Hongkong Storage can reply to messages from all channels in just a single place. The team also set up 24/7 chatbot to provide timely response to customers. Among them, up to one-third of the customer enquiries are automatically answered through Omnichat, which reduces the waiting time of customers and greatly improves customer satisfaction.

Hongkong Storage is committed to providing customers with professional and reliable mini-storage services. With the use of WhatsApp, it further improves its sales efficiency and quality of customer service.

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