bossini facilitated marketing campaigns with WhatsApp Broadcast and Coupons across online and offline

Launched its first retail outlet in 1987, bossini has over 1,000 stores worldwide and is headquartered in Hong Kong. Committed to providing customers with a positive and optimistic life attitude, bossini not only offers a wide range of quality apparel products, but also delivers a pleasant and joyful omnichannel shopping experience. 

Customers in Hong Kong anticipate a smooth and seamless customer journey, regardless of the channels they use. Adopting a holistic omnichannel approach has become a marketing trend to capture business opportunities wherever your customers are.

Powered by Omnichat, bossini carried out its thankful sale campaign with WhatsApp Broadcast and Coupons which can be used online and offline, in order to drive business growth and build lasting customer relationships.

Lack of effective tracking for SMS and Email

SMS and Emails are two of the most common ways to reach out to loyal customers. However, SMS only supports text messages with a character limit, which means no attractive images and reply buttons can be included while the sending cost of MMS that supports sending multimedia content is much higher. The performance of SMS cannot be tracked from end to end, without some metrics such as open rate, and conversion rate, brands are not able to elevate their effectiveness. 

There are a lot of measure metrics for Emails, for example, click-through rate, bounce rate, and conversion rate, but the problem is – the open rate is dropping. 

Complete tracking of WhatsApp Broadcast

Yonnie Wong, Marketing Director of bossini, mentioned, ‘The open rate of eDM is around 40% while WhatsApp is around 76%. Through Omnichat, we can track the open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate of broadcast messages.’ Therefore, bossini decided to go for WhatsApp Broadcast to offer exclusive deals to selected customers during the thankful sale. With promotional images and the Call-to-Action button, customers are more willing to click and redeem coupons.

Segmented VIP customers for exclusive coupons

bossini has always valued the importance of customer segmentation and customer relationship management. Rolling out various marketing campaigns, bossini aims to provide better services and reward loyal customers. For example, bossini selected VIP members and sent them member-exclusive coupons to enhance customer loyalty and boost in-store revenue during the thankful sale.

Taking the popular usage of WhatsApp, instant interaction, and the effectiveness of data tracking into consideration, bossini opted for Omnichat’s WhatsApp Broadcast to implement marketing campaigns.

Drive WhatsApp and App traffic to offline stores

In this WhatsApp campaign, bossini blasted out messages to 50,000 selected VIP customers and successfully reached around 80% of customers by using Omnichat. Along with in-app coupon incentives, bossini engaged with VIP customers who have made multiple purchases and encouraged them to go to brick-and-mortar stores and purchase again, which also meant an increase in offline foot traffic, and the introduction of online-merge-offline retail.

The results of WhatsApp Broadcast successfully met the desired level of satisfaction. The click-through rate was 12%, and the sales volume of the stores was increased. Furthermore, the number of App downloads was increased because selected customers were required to download coupons in bossini official App.

Yonnie Wong, Marketing Director of bossini, stated, ‘We are dedicated to creating a seamless O2O retail model, and the usage of WhatsApp enables us to better understand the effectiveness of online and offline promotions through data analysis. Therefore, we can further optimise our future marketing plans and provide customers with a superior shopping experience.’

Enhance customer service efficiency via Chatbot

Given the large volume of broadcast messages, bossini also utilises Omnichat’s chatbots to set up automated responses, reducing customer waiting time and improving the efficiency of the customer service team.

By adopting Omnichat’s WhatsApp Business solutions, bossini’s customers can now enjoy the convenience and flexibility of connecting with the brand. People are more willing to reply to WhatsApp messages due to the cost, facilitating more effective and interactive communication between consumers and businesses.

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