Updated pricing scheme of LINE’s official account (2023)

Starting from September 2023, the pricing plan of LINE’s official account is updated.

Facing the new pricing plan, brands will need to think about shifting from mass messaging to precision marketing and amplifying each message’s value. Omnichat has summarized three primary strategies:

1. Categorised tagging to differentiate new and regular customers

Businesses always aim to increase the number of LINE friends and therefore keep sending friend invitations to new customers. Without a better categorisation of the audience, broadcast messages will be sent to unfit audiences and therefore increase the blocking rate. As a result, it is impossible for brands to maximise the greatest advantage of LINE official accounts: Customer Relationship Management.

When brands acquire new customers, they can differentiate audiences by using various tags, which will help with precision marketing.

2. Strengthen customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value

Due to unique customer life cycles, customers’ needs can vary significantly. Therefore, it is important for brands to suggest products that cater to diverse needs.

Broadcast messages that better-fit customer needs can help to increase conversion rates and reduce unsubscribe and block rates.

3. Master comprehensive customer profile with cross-channel integration

If brands can fully record all customer behaviours, such as different social channels, online browsing records, purchasing history at physical stores, etc., they can build more comprehensive customer profiles, and thus cater to their preferences and improve the accuracy of broadcast messages.

This is exactly why you need Omnichat’s Social CDP. It tracks all customer behaviour across LINE official accounts, online stores, FB, and IG, and integrates different customer identities from several channels into one profile. When establishing different target audience groups on LINE, you can also use the data collected from FB/IG/membership systems to customise messages.

Categorised tagging for personalised messages

LINE’s native features and modules can be used to achieve precision marketing.

For instance, tagging and segmentation can help tailor messages according to personalised preferences. This will arouse a sense of affiliation among customers and thereby increase brand favorability.

Besides, progressive messages allow brands to automatically broadcast customised messages to LINE friends with different attributes within a specific period of time, therefore brands can gradually build trust with their target audience via LINE. The best thing about progressive messages is that through automated processes, marketers can broadcast messages in real-time without filtering them every time.

Behavioural patterns tracking for cross-channel customer journeys

As a silver-level technology partner of LINE, Omnichat provides brands with strong technical support. For retail brands, we provide customised shopping cart remarketing, which can automatically track unchecked items in customers’ shopping carts, and then broadcast reminder messages with coupon incentives through LINE official accounts.

Extending the journey concept of progressive messaging, Omnichat develops deeper customer journeys across channels. In LINE’s native backend, it can only detect the behaviour of LINE friends on official accounts, while Omnichat can track all customers’ behaviour on LINE official accounts, websites, physical stores, FB, and IG across channels, and finally message customers using LINE’S official account. For example, after a LINE friend purchases a product at a physical store, the brand will send a satisfaction survey or repurchase offer through the official LINE account to increase customer favorability. Omnichat can track and record every touch point where customers come into contact with the brand, and then use official account messages as feedback to add value to the message.

With precision marketing, conversion from LINE’s official account has increased by 10 times

Omnichat empowers many brands to achieve precision marketing. Taiwan’s skincare brand ‘JAN DAN’ used LINE’s abandoned cart remarketing to successfully achieve a higher conversion rate of 28%, compared to the average conversion rate from advertising remarketing of around 5~ 10%. In addition to abandoned cart remarketing, ‘JAN DAN’ adopted Omnichat’s LINE rich menu, official website social binding buttons, omnichannel customer service integration, LINE Chatbot and other features. The revenue from LINE alone has an annual growth of up to 290%.

Another brand, ‘Tian Yuan Xiang’, has many loyal customers, but most of them will only visit the website when they want to make a purchase. The brand needs a better platform to communicate and maintain relationships with customers in the long term. ‘Tian Yuan Xiang’ used the official LINE account as a medium and introduced Omnichat’s tagging, game modules, abandoned cart remarketing and other features. The conversion rate from the LINE official account reached 10 times growth. Using a LINE official account for sales and marketing empowers brands to strengthen their customer relationship and achieve a higher income, that is why more and more brands start considering using official accounts to communicate with customers.

As many brands have already carried out precision marketing, it is believed that LINE’s new pricing plan will have minimal impact on businesses. With 21 million monthly active users of LINE in Taiwan, what brands will have to think about in the future is how to maximise the value of LINE messages and convert chats to revenue.

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