Complete guide to WeChat Official accounts

With 1.3 billion monthly active users, WeChat is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in China, which is widely used for personal and business purposes. Many people use WeChat in their daily lives to stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues, as well as taking part in various commercial activities such as online shopping, sending red envelopes, making payments, and booking services. Many businesses have also adopted WeChat as one of their primary marketing channels, using WeChat official accounts and mini programs to promote their products and services, and engage with users to build the brand image.

The main features of WeChat include instant messaging, voice and video calls, official accounts, and mini programs. Users can receive news, entertainment, education, and other information through official accounts, or shop online, book services, and order food delivery through mini programs, all without leaving the WeChat app. This article will introduce the different types of WeChat official accounts and how to apply.

Different types of WeChat official accounts

There are four main types of WeChat official accounts: subscription accounts, service accounts, enterprise accounts, and mini programs. 

1. Subscription accounts primarily provide news, entertainment, education, and other information, allowing merchants to send one message per day.

2. Service accounts mainly provide commercial services such as online shopping and appointment booking, allowing merchants to send up to four messages per month. WeChat’s verified service accounts require businesses to provide more information to obtain WeChat certification, however, more advanced features are supported, such as custom menus, QR code scanning, and message broadcasting.

3. Enterprise WeChat is an instant messaging tool for internal communication within a company, which not only facilitates remote work, but also improves work efficiency.

4. Mini programs are applications embedded in WeChat that can be launched inside WeChat without downloading and installing other Apps. Users can use various services and functions with mini programs, such as online shopping, food delivery, booking, games, news, etc.

Which type of WeChat official account should you choose?

Different types of WeChat official accounts have different features and functions, and companies can choose the type that suits their own needs. Currently, overseas users or companies can only apply for service accounts, and Omnichat supports integrating WeChat service account (international version).

Through Omnichat, Tom Lee Music has set up an automated chatbot on their WeChat service account, allowing customers to receive instant replies. If customers have other questions or inquiries, they can also have one-on-one WeChat conversations with CS and sales representatives to receive personalised service.

How to apply for a WeChat official account? 

To apply for an enterprise official account, you must have a legally registered business in mainland China or Hong Kong. The following is the process for applying for an enterprise official account:

1. Register a WeChat official platform account. Go to the official website of WeChat Official Platform and click the ‘Register Now’ button. Choose the type of account you want to register, fill in the relevant information as prompted, and then verify your email.

2. Choose the type of WeChat official account: subscription account, service account, enterprise WeChat.

3. Submit enterprise business information for approval and set up the official account’s name, introduction, profile picture, menu, and other information.
4. After completing the verification process, the account can be used.

Omnichat helps you integrate WeChat service account

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