How WhatsApp reshaped Venchi to achieve 2 times sales in VIP Week

Founded in 1878, Venchi is an Italian gourmet chocolate manufacturer whose century old tradition in ensuring quality and freshness in its products has led to a range of unique award winning chocolates. With more than 135 boutiques worldwide, Venchi creates everyday unforgettable moments of joy and celebration, fun and ‘Allegria’ for cocoa lovers. 

With more than 140 years of history, how does Venchi adapt to a constantly changing business environment by using the latest marketing technology?

Leveraging WhatsApp Chat Commerce, Venchi is empowered to communicate with their customers smoothly and seamlessly, delivering a personalised customer journey so as to create amazing tasting experiences. 

Venchi VIP Week: 5x click rate, 2x total vouchers sold via WhatsApp

Venchi VIP Week is one of its significant sales campaigns throughout the year. It was the very first time Venchi carried out its VIP week campaign via WhatsApp in this May.

Venchi used WhatsApp Broadcast to blast out tailor-made messages for different target groups. ‘Compared to SMS, the click rate of our broadcast message has increased by 5x. We have achieved 2x growth of the total vouchers sold.’ Alvin Tang, Regional E-commerce Manager, APAC, stated.

The result is more than satisfactory. What also surprised Venchi was the viral effect created. Customers forwarded the promotional message to their friends because WhatsApp is more shareable than SMS.

In the past, Venchi received many enquiries from phone calls regarding VIP Week promotion. But none were received this time. It is obvious that customers preferred to use messaging via WhatsApp rather than email or phone. Venchi’s customer service pressure was reduced because they could reply to customer enquiries from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and the website via Omnichat, an all-in-one messaging platform.

Alvin also mentioned, ‘Through Omnichat, we can easily set up and carry out a campaign in a short period of time without major IT integration and additional resources.’ 

Acquired 4,000+ new customers in 2 weeks by using WhatsApp

Coupons can help brands to attract new customers and reward loyal customers. Venchi provided an exclusive offer to their target audience in an acquisition campaign. By simply sending Venchi a WhatsApp message, coupons with redemption QR code were sent to the contacts. 

Omnichat’s OMO(Online-merge-Offline) coupons can be used online and offline, which allows Venchi to drive traffic to selected offline stores. 

With a seamless subscription and redemption flow, 4000+ unique contacts were acquired in just 2 weeks.

90% customer enquiries are handled via Omnichat

Less time-consuming. More cost-effective. Omnichat centralises all the enquiries from different messaging channels in one place, allowing Venchi to communicate with customers efficiently and effectively. Its frontline sales and customer service team can also backtrack each conversation if needed. Currently, Venchi deals with 90% of the customer enquiries via Omnichat. 

Thanks to the pre-set chatbot, customers can get instant responses on what they are looking for, for example, shop locations and operating hours. Enquiries can also be diverted to the corresponding team if customers prefer to chat with Venchi’s staff. 

Generate more sales through WhatsApp Business API

In an ever-changing digital world, Venchi has taken a leap of faith by developing its Conversational Commerce strategy with Omnichat. 

Venchi aims at integrating its e-commerce site and App with WhatsApp Business API in the coming year. ‘When promoting digital platforms, some colleagues may concern about the revenue and commission calculation,’ Alvin shared, ‘But through Omnichat, we can recognise coupons sold by which store and staff so as to track the revenue.’

To Venchi, WhatsApp can help each department to generate more sales without causing internal conflicts. OMO Chat Commerce is not a fancy term but a workable solution to retailers. With the accurate targeting and right tool, it is believed that Venchi will continue to grow the business and bring us a wonderful world of chocolate!

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