Timberland directs traffic across online & offline, achieving 7x conversion rate

Timberland, the world’s leading outdoor clothing and footwear brand, was founded in the United States in 1973. Its classic yellow boots are favoured by many outdoor enthusiasts because they are waterproof, slip-resistant and durable. With Omnichat, both Timberland Hong Kong and Taiwan successfully direct online visitors to salespeople at physical stores and reach a 7x conversion rate.

Timberland Hong Kong website launched the WhatsApp shopping service, driving online traffic to store salespeople to follow up. Customers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience without leaving home.

Recommend products to customers in just one click

By using Omnichat’s OMO(Online Merge Offline) sales feature, store salespeople can engage with online customers easily. Visitors enter Timberland’s website and click on the chatbot provided by Omnichat, they will be automatically connected to Timberland’s WhatsApp Business or LINE account. Frontline salespeople can bind to customers to conduct 1-on-1 conversations and also send out product links. Omnichat supports sales performance tracking and recognition, and the system will automatically calculate the commission when customers complete the purchases online. Despite strict social distancing measures, the orders completed by chat commerce account for about 20% of the Hong Kong business.

Customers connect to the official Timberland WhatsApp account, and select a branch and bind to a salesperson through Chatbot. The salesperson can select the products and send them to the customer via WhatsApp in just one click.

Integrate WhatsApp & LINE messages in one place

For Timberland, all branch sales, customer service and marketing teams only need to use one WhatsApp Business / LINE account, achieving brand consistency and better management. Different team members can communicate with their assigned customers for conversions and multiple branch management. Auto-reply Chatbot and Broadcast can be set up in the official WhatsApp Business / LINE account, allowing Timberland to send promotional messages to all members in one go.

For customers, they only need to add one WhatsApp Business / LINE account to communicate with Timberland’s branch sales or customer service staff. The WhatsApp Green Tick verification builds customer trust and adds credibility to the business.

Launch omnichannel membership integration with OMO feature

Timberland invests in the CRM system to have a comprehensive understanding of their customers. Through Omnichat, the official website and mobile app, Timberland has integrated the online and offline member information. 

‘It is like a centralised CRM system, and we can integrate all online and offline customer data.’ JJ, Marketing Manager of Timberland (Hong Kong and Taiwan), mentioned. Unlike normal department stores with regular business hours, the omnichannel integration allows store salespeople to sell products anywhere, anytime. Customers can enjoy the same discounts purchased in store or online. 

WIth planning ahead, Timberland has accumulated nearly one million members since 2008, and e-commerce accounts for about 10-15% of the overall revenue. At the same time, about 20-25% of active members have cross-channel consumption behaviour .

‘Breaking time and space constraints, we go for an open and free business environment. Timberland is committed to the principle of sustainability, creating outstanding products that are crafted to last for years.’ JJ, Marketing Manager of Timberland (Hong Kong and Taiwan), stated.

Achieve a seven-fold increase in conversion rate by using Omnichat

JJ, Marketing Manager of Timberland (Hong Kong and Taiwan), said, ‘Connecting CRM is a very important feature for brands. Launched in May 2021, Timberland has recruited around 140,000 members on LINE and over 240,000 members on WhatsApp Business. 57% of members are bound to the CRM system and the binding rate in stores has reached 27%. We have achieved a seven-fold increase in conversion rate by using Omnichat. This revenue is enough to cover the annual fee of Omnichat for several years. Even if we don’t do anything, we can achieve the purpose of using Omnichat just by abandoned cart remarketing.’

In the past, when talking about abandoned cart remarketing, most businesses send unchecked reminders to customers through Email, but the open rate of Email is less than 10% in general. With Omnichat’s abandoned cart remarketing feature, reminders are sent through WhatsApp / Facebook / LINE and the open rate has reached 90%. The conversion rate will be much higher when giving out coupons.

Connect with members by offering discounts and interactive games

Timberland’s store salespeople often provide exclusive discount codes to their VIP so they can enjoy extra discounts. But JJ mentioned the e-commerce part has already achieved 10% of the referral code performance in the first 2 weeks after integration. Timberland launched a marketing campaign with Omnichat’s coupon module. Customers needed to scan the QR code, connect with Timberland WhatsApp and choose to bind the store in order to get the gift. The coupon module can be used in online and physical stores, attracting customers to purchase Timberland’s products.

Omnichat has also offered 5 interactive games, which can be sent to customers through WhatsApp, LINE and Facebook. The winners can get discounts, coupons and free gifts, etc. There is a Member-Get-Member referral feature. If customers refer friends to play the game, they can get an extra chance to win. Therefore, customers are willing to invite more friends to join, and Timberland can grow their membership without advertising.

Hiking has exploded in popularity as the COVID-19 pandemic restricts travel. Let’s get some fresh air and stay connected to nature with Timberland outdoor wear!

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