Social CDP: Harnessing Multi-channel Customer Data for Sustainable Revenue Growth via Personalized Marketing

Have you been accumulating vast amounts of customer data across various social platforms and websites but struggling to consolidate it for a more insightful understanding? 

Are you searching for a tool that can automatically send WhatsApp broadcasts based on customers’ shopping behaviour, browsing history, and membership status? 

Do you aspire to increase conversion rates and retain customer relationships through targeted messaging in an automated way?

Omnichat Social CDP is your solution. It allows brands to integrate data across channels, generate ‘cross-channel customer profiles’, and implement ‘personalised marketing’ automatically to enhance customer lifetime value and stimulate consistent business revenue growth.

Why Choose Social CDP?

Omnichat has introduced numerous features to strengthen your brand’s overall marketing process, including:

  • Acquisition: Expanding your WhatsApp/LINE contact list using a website plugin and in-store campaigns.
  • Conversion: Increasing conversion rates through abandoned cart remarketing and cross-channel broadcasts.
  • Retention: Precisely broadcasting to your WhatsApp/LINE audience segmented by customer interests and activity.

With Social CDP, we’ve made the entire marketing process even more streamlined and effective.

Simplify Your Marketing with Automated Customer Journeys

Previously, you may have had to set up different campaigns for tagging, segmentation, broadcasting, and re-segmentation, in order to reach the ultimate business goal. Our automated marketing journeys now allow these tasks to be established in one step, simplifying future management.

Regular operations can also be automated within the journey. For instance, manual weekly or monthly screening and broadcasting messages to new WhatsApp contacts. The system can check the membership status of every new contact and encourage non-members to proceed with membership registration. Therefore, you can set up a complete customer journey in one go, according to different customer shopping stages and membership status.

Elevate Your Marketing with Personalisation

Previously, Omnichat’s primary sources for customer data collection were social media channels and the implementation of tracking pixel on e-commerce websites. Now, Social CDP can integrate even more customer data sources, allowing CRM, ERP, POS, and other CDP systems to be used for journey triggers, interactions, and broadcast filters.

What is Social CDP?

Launched in 2023, Omnichat Social CDP offers a comprehensive solution, from cross-channel data integration, customer profile analysis to personalised marketing.

Social CDP consolidates customer data from social media, e-commerce, physical stores, and other systems. Using Omnichat’s unique cross-channel analysis and comparison technology, it creates cross-channel customer profiles, aiding brands in understanding customer personas.

Not only does Social CDP streamline marketing journey setups that are both automated and personalised, but it also enables salespeople to view complete customer profiles for providing better service.

With Social CDP, managing customer memberships and personalised interactions has never been easier!

Discover the Key Features of Social CDP

Omni Customer

Omnichat’s Social CDP uses unique tracking and matching technology to create a comprehensive customer profile.

This profile includes all social interactions, customer service enquiries, and browsing and shopping history on official websites and physical stores.

This profile ensures precise marketing and also allows store salespeople to provide accurate recommendations and services.

Customer Journey

Leverage customer journey to deliver personalised messages, foster stronger customer relationships, and encourage repeat purchases.

The dashboard offers real-time monitoring of your journey’s performance, granting you a holistic view of its impact.

By examining individual nodes, you can dig deeper into specific performances, which paves the way for continual adjustments and optimisation of the customer journey.

Omni-customer Analysis

Analyse the current status, growth rate, and growth potential of contacts with comprehensive omni-channel customer analysis. With these insights, brands can optimise daily conversions and determine the most effective starting points for promotional events.

Besides the above core functions, Social CDP also provides custom attributes and Omni Link features, helping brands better integrate omni-channel customer identities and data-driven marketing.

Custom Attributes 

In conversational commerce, brands often use ‘tags’ to record customer behaviour and preferences. As the number of tags increases, managing and applying them can become challenging.

With Omnichat’s ‘custom attributes’ field, brands can conveniently record custom data such as customer birthdays, membership levels, average spending, total spending, and more.

Custom attributes can be used for triggering and segmenting journeys, as branching conditions for chatbot flow, and as conditions for segmentation filtering during broadcasts.

Omni Link 

Omnichat’s ‘Omni Link’ feature allows brands to connect customers with various social platforms, and integrate the data and information provided across these platforms with just a click.

Elevate Your Customer Interactions with Social CDP

Omnichat Social CDP connects customer footprints across all channels, which offers comprehensive customer insights and enables personalised marketing. This tool deepens customer relationships, enhances customer lifetime value, and boosts business revenues. Start leveraging the power of Social CDP to strengthen your brand today!

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