WhatsApp helped Mamaway to drive 5x conversion rate

Established in 2003, Mamaway develops and sells reasonable commodities for mothers, and also provides the most basic education and practical operation starting from ‘holding a child’, which is to let new mums know the needs of them and their babies at different stages and how to effectively meet these needs!

Mamaway now has more than 60 direct-retail stores worldwide including Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Jordan, the United States, etc.

Mamaway Malaysia has adopted Omnichat’s one-stop chat commerce system.

Mamaway Malaysia has used Omnichat’s omni-channel conversational commerce solutions since 2022. Its Business Development Manager, Yong Sin Ong, told us, ‘Mamaway has created our LINE official account for a while so we are aware of the effectiveness of instant messaging, and would like to recreate the advanced application of LINE on WhatsApp.’

Through Omnichat, Mamaway has connected with WhatsApp Business API and integrated all communication channels on Omnichat for centralised management. Some advanced features such as multi-user management, Chatbot, Abandoned Cart Remarketing, Broadcast and Website Remarketing have been used to increase the impression and effectiveness. Mamaway’s conversion rate has been improved by 5x – 6x because of Omnichat!

Speed up the response to customers through Omnichat’s omni-channel messaging integration

Yong Sin Ong, Business Development Manager of Mamaway (Malaysia), said, ‘Malaysian online shoppers usually ask questions before placing orders. They normally ask a lot questions via phone calls, voice and text messages because they are not able to touch the products. As long as questions can be answered immediately, the closing rate will be greatly improved. After using Omnichat, we can respond to customers instantly without missing a single message.’

Mamaway integrates WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, website live chat and instagram on Omnichat, one-stop chat commerce platform.

How can Omnichat help Mamaway to respond to customers more quickly?

1. Omni-channel messaging integration

Omnichat helped Mamaway on social messaging channels integration, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and website live chat. The status of conversations can be divided into open, processing and closed so Mamaway can handle all customer inquiries more easily!

The Mamaway team shared their past experience with us, ‘We used Meta management tool to reply the messages from Facebook and Instagram. There are two tabs, Primary and General, for inbox messages. Sometimes, we didn’t reply the customers immediately because no notifications were received for the General messages. Omnichat helped us to deal with this problem!’

2. Keyword Auto-reply: Quickly reply to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To Mamaway, another useful feature is Keyword Auto-reply.

Customers usually send WhatsApp messages to ask about the price and specifications of the products. Mamaway pre-set keywords for hero products and frequently asked questions, so customers can still receive replies automatically even if the customer service team is busy and off work.

3. Product referral link: Recommend products in just a few clicks

For customers who ask for product recommendations and purchase links, Mamaway makes use of Omnichat’s product referral feature to deliver product information in one go.

Simply uploading the Product Feed to Omnichat, Mamaway can send the complete product information, including product shot, name, price and link, in a few clicks. For customer service agents, it saves a lot of time for product enquiries and copying and pasting. For customers, the information is clear at a glance. Interaction and conversion rate are also be improved because of this simple and convenient feature.

The Mamaway team selects the products for recommendation at Omnichat system, and the complete product information can be sent directly to customers.

Omnichat provides Product Referral Report for performance tracking (For example, Click through rate, Conversion rate and ROAS). In Mamaway’s case, the conversion rate of product referral is over 20%!

WhatsApp Business API

One of the reasons why Mamaway chose Omnichat is…
Omnichat is an Official WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider and official partner of Meta.

But what is the difference between WhatsApp Business API + Omnichat and WhatsApp Business App?

1. Complete tracking: Visible results of conversions

Omnichat integrated Mamaway’s WhatsApp Business API and its CRM system of e-commerce platform, allowing the staff to view customer cart items and recent orders, as well as conversion tracking reports easily. Conversion results can also be recorded and analysed.

The Mamaway team mentioned they spent a lot of time to integrate their customer database, ‘We have been spending time replying to customers, but we still needed to compare the customer names and the orders so as to have a complete database. Of course, it’s very time-consuming for such comparison.’

The major difference is we are more capable to measure the performance of WhatsApp Chat Commerce!

Now through Omnichat’s tracking system, we can clearly know what benefits WhatsApp has brought us every month. When replying to customers, we can also use shopping cart and recent order information to understand whether to focus on pre-sale product introductions or to provide after-sales services.

—— The Mamaway team

2. Chatbot auto-reply Frequently Asked Questions

Mamaway uses Chatbot auto-reply to initially answer common questions such as product price, size and delivery days.

WhatsApp Chatbot helps Mamaway to categorise and solve customer problems.

3. Remarketing works well: ROAS of Broadcast was over 20, Conversion rate of Abandoned Cart Recovery reached 34%

In addition to handling customer service, Mamaway also broadcasts messages via WhatsApp, and conducts abandoned cart remarketing.

  • Broadcast:Send push messages of product and event information in real time through Template Message to target audience
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery:When a customer adds a product to the shopping cart and does not check out, they will automatically receive a reminder message and unchecked product information via WhatsApp!

When customers interact with Chatbot, Mamaway will record the products that customers are interested in and put the corresponding tags on them. Broadcast messages will be sent to interested customers if there is special promotion. Because the audience and message content are very accurate, the conversion rate and ROAS of broadcast were often above 20.

For the abandoned cart remarketing, the reminder message will be sent 1 hour after the customer adds to the shopping cart and does not check out, along with the special offer. Many mothers who are searching for reviews, shopping around, or just forget to checkout, quickly place an order after receiving the reminder. The click rate was close to 20%, and the conversion rate reached 34%!

Customers will receive WhatsApp reminder message 1 hour after they add to the shopping cart and do not check out.

‘The conversion rate and ROAS of WhatsApp Broadcast and Abandoned Cart Remarketing are high. The size of the Contact Database is still very important to the overall effectiveness. Thus, we are also trying to encourage more customers to subscribe to our WhatsApp. Although the mechanism of WhatsApp is to directly import the phone numbers of customers into contacts, Mamaway’s customers who ordered one or two years ago are likely to have already passed the stage of being pregnant mothers and new mothers. In the future, if we would like to have some joint promotion or provide the products for the next stage, we can still make use of WhatsApp for promotion.’ The Mamaway team shared.

Website Remarketing: Make Website Activities Seen

Omnichat’s website remarketing feature can track consumers’ website behaviour. According to the browsing pages, number of times, and time as filter, Mamaway can target audience precisely with tags, display messages, or remarketing broadcasts to improve the conversion rate of the website.

Mamaway mainly uses on-site messages to maximise the promotional effect during campaign period. There is no complicated setting, and the effectiveness is obvious: The enquiries of the event increased, and the conversion rate could reach 10% after customers engage with the on-site messages.

The Mamaway team told us about the benefits of using Omnichat’s Website Remarketing, ‘Although we had displayed our event banners in the past, customers usually didn’t notice the message. Popping up messages in the lower right corner of the website increased the exposure of our events. They also helps to speed up checkout process, which is even better than advertising.’

Mamaway uses on-site messages to encourage customers to leave reviews for discounts.

Mamaway:Easy to use, Improve customer service efficiency, Strengthen marketing strategy

Omnichat helps to reduce the workload and improve the efficiency of the Mamaway team. Through product referral, website remarketing messages, WhatsApp broadcast, abandoned cart remarketing and other features, the conversion rate is 5 times higher than the average of the website!

The Mamaway team remarked, ‘Omnichat is very easy to use and has many features. We are still exploring and believe the results will go even further!’

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