Kidsland(LEGO®️ Certified Store) generates HK$600k revenue in 2 weeks after introducing Omnichat

Hong Kong’s retail sales value has been declining from 2019 to November 2020, and fell by more than 30% Year-over-Year (YoY) from February to May 2020. Kidsland (02122) opened KKPLUS, a multi-brand platform for pop culture and art toys, in Langham Place in Sept 2020, while many retail brands were coping With difficult situations.

Mr. Ching Yiu Lee, Chairman and CEO of Kidsland, emphasised ‘I invest when seeing an opportunity. I believe in my team’s vision.’ Kidsland has also successfully started its conversational commerce journey with Omnichat, an omnichannel chat commerce platform, making a breakthrough in the tough times.

Omnichat’s OMO (Online merge Offline) solution solves the retail pain points

Kidsland (02122) has leveraged LEGO®️ online certified store to improve the sales performance but it encountered some pain points during the recession. 

  • If customers encounter problems while shopping online, they can only contact the store by email or phone, and cannot get a quick reply.
  • Salespeople can use their own WhatsApp accounts to contact customers, however, the more customers they add, the easier they will be confused with their personal contacts, which will also cause data security concerns
  • It is difficult for the management to track and monitor its sales performance through the personal WhatsApp accounts of the salespeople. Also, the communication is not transparent, which may lead to customer complaints

Kidsland has introduced Omnichat’s OMO solution to solve the above pain points. Integrating all messaging channels into one place, frontline sales can provide real time customer support and customers can Chat & Buy instantly. 

With an official WhatsApp Business account, Kidsland’s business can be open 24/7

Omnichat assisted Kidsland in applying for WhatsApp Business API and obtaining Green Tick certification, which enhances the brand’s ‘professionalism’, ‘credibility’ and ‘customer satisfaction’, and increases customer confidence in purchasing online. After a customer sends a message to Kidsland, s/he will be bound to the branch sales. Sales can answer customers enquiries or recommend products to customers anytime, anywhere.

Customer enquiries can be automatically diverted via Chatbot

Sales can understand customer needs through conversations and thus provide personalised services, effectively achieving accurate marketing. The supervisor can manage and follow up conversations so as to avoid missing orders and improve the conversion rate. 

OMO Sales increases employees’ income

Through Omnichat, salespeople of Kidsland can easily recommend products to customers with a few clicks. Performance tracking report is available for management and revenue tracking across online and offline channels. 

Sales can send product referral links to customers via messaging channels. Once customers complete the purchase, Omnichat’s system can automatically calculate the revenue of a specific salesperson. The report of product referral includes important data such as the number of messages sent, the number of referral orders and message costs so the management can review the effectiveness of product recommendation.

Successful referral orders will be recorded in the performance of sales.

Through conversation records, the management can understand the shortcomings or areas of improvement so as to provide relevant training or guidance. Mr. Ching Yiu Lee, Chairman and CEO of Kidsland, mentioned he received positive responses from the employees after using Omnichat. During the epidemic, it does help employees to do more business, increasing their income. He believes online shopping will continue to be a trend after Covid-19, but it does not mean that it can replace physical stores. ‘Visiting physical stores is part of our life, and customers still come.’

OMO conversational commerce is gradually becoming a retail market trend. Even if customers have left the physical stores, they can bind to branch sales via WhatsApp and keep in touch for remote shopping afterwards. 

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