How kapok achieved an outstanding ROAS of 15 using WhatsApp Marketing

Currently, with twelve brick-and-mortar stores in Hong Kong, kapok has set foot here since 2006 with the goal to discover and bring customers to a selection of ‘future classics’. From the first lifestyle select store in Hong Kong to an internationally renowned brand for its unique vision of fashion and design, kapok constantly delivers a refreshing and distinctive shopping experience to customers. 

With Omnichat’s chat commerce solutions, online shoppers can now explore the diverse selections of lifestyle products and enjoy the convenience of shopping at kapok.

Interactive and engaging marketing campaigns via WhatsApp Broadcast

WhatsApp, the most used messaging app in Hong Kong with a penetration rate of over 80%, has become an efficient and effective communication channel for reaching targeted customers. Its broadcast function allows brands to send multimedia messages to selected customer segments in one go. On the other hand, SMS does not support multimedia such as images and videos, only text messages with limited characters are allowed. 

Utilising WhatsApp Broadcast for special offer promotions, VIP event invitations and reminders, and new product arrivals, kapok not only targets at maintaining closer relationships with prestige customers, but also aims at increasing online conversions by adding a Call-to-Action (CTA) button to evoke a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action. Customers can reply directly to WhatsApp messages for enquiry, while SMS is a single-way messaging tool which is primarily for announcements.

kapok recently carried out a private sale campaign through WhatsApp, and achieved a remarkable ROAS of 15! By blasting out a teaser message beforehand, kapok first built anticipation, and then revealed the exclusive offer details in the second broadcast message.

Statistics show that WhatsApp has a significantly better open rate when compared to Email and SMS. In this broadcast campaign, over half of the audience opened and checked the WhatsApp message, the limited offer with CTA button successfully attracted the audience to click the purchase link, and the ROAS (Return on AD Spending) has reached 15!

It is also easy to set up and manage. Through Omnichat, kapok team can just create and deploy a WhatsApp Broadcast campaign within an hour, therefore saving more time and effort. More importantly, using Omnichat’s solutions can trace back the revenue brought by every broadcast, facilitating the conversion tracking which SMS cannot support.

24/7 automated WhatsApp Chatbot

Providing a fast response to customers is crucial for building and maintaining customer relationships. With the preset automated Chatbot and keyword auto-reply, relevant information such as order delivery status and the latest offers can be automatically delivered to customers. 

At present, approximately 55% of enquiries are primarily handled by the 24/7 Chatbot, and followed up by the customer service team with heartfelt services, reducing customer waiting time and improving the overall experience.

Continuing to curate diverse selections of quality products from local and international brands, kapok leverages Omnichat’s conversational commerce solutions to aspire their customers with a wide variety of fashion and design choices and build closer and stronger customer relationships anytime, anywhere.

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