A step-by-step guide to setting up Instagram’s auto-reply

Instagram, one of the most widely used social media platforms, has almost reached the number of users of Facebook and WhatsApp. Currently, the reach rate and interaction rate of Instagram are much higher than Facebook. Setting up the auto-reply for Instagram posts helps brands to manage Instagram more efficiently.

The average reach rate of Instagram varies based on the number of followers of the account. The reach rate of posts ranges from 12.7% to 26.3%, and the reach rate of story updates ranges from 1.8% to 7.2%. Image source: Bazzarvoice

More retail brands are gradually switching their focus to Instagram.

According to statistics from Hootsuite, over 90% of IG users at least followed one business account, and 50% of the IG users claimed that the brands’ advertisement would arouse their interest. 

Encouraging more commercial applications, brands are allowed to integrate Instagram Direct into a third-party platform with the launch of Messenger API for Instagram, achieving customer service optimisation and marketing automation and creating more engagements by leveraging IG posts auto-reply. 

This article provides a step-by-step operation guide on Instagram auto-reply and answers your enquiries regarding Instagram automation, Chatbot, and chat commerce.

Is Instagram Chatbot available for all IG accounts?

Currently, all IG business accounts can integrate the Messenger API for Instagram.

In other words, with the Messenger API solutions provider like Omnichat, every IG business account can set up Chatbot and auto-reply.

Tutorial for integrating Messenger API for Instagram into Omnichat

What are the latest features of Instagram Chatbot?

What messaging automation features can be used on Instagram?

This depends on the features developed by your API technology provider. You can use the following advanced functions of IG messages through Omnichat:

  • Comment auto-reply
  • Comment auto-reply by private messages
  • Chatbot of Instagram Direct
  • Keyword auto-reply of Instagram Direct
  • Saved reply
  • Website product referral link

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IG Comment auto-reply and Comment auto-reply by private messages

You might come across social media campaigns of Facebook comment auto-reply, and Instagram can now do the same!

In addition to the psychological tests and marketing campaigns like ‘comment to get discounts’ you have seen on Facebook, the comment auto-reply of IG posts also acts as a tool to put the product referral links!

There is no other way to insert product referral links in IG posts but you could achieve it by using the comment auto-reply by private messages, allowing customers to click the links through IG private messages.

(Left)IG Comment auto-reply; (Right) IG Comment auto-reply by private messages

How can eShops and retail brands make use of the automation features?

  • Build remarketing lists: Publish recruitment posts of WhatsApp subscribers on IG, and private messages with WhatsApp account link will be automatically sent once customers leave comments
  • Send product referral links: Introducing products on IG posts, and private messages with purchase links will be automatically sent once customers leave comments
  • Divert traffic to physical stores: Publish unboxing posts, and customers can leave comments to receive redemption coupons for use in physical stores
  • Psychological tests and mini-games: Enhance interactions and engagements with fans

Set-up Guide to IG Comment auto-reply

Please make sure you have connected to the Instagram Messenger API before setting up the advanced settings introduced in the following.

  1. Enter Omnichat’s admin panel: ‘Advanced Automation’ > Facebook/Instagram Comment Reply’
  2. Click ‘New Campaign’
  3. Select IG account and the post for setting auto-reply
  4. Set the trigger conditions and reply content

Instagram Chatbot

If you have sent private messages to a fan page on Facebook, then you may be familiar with Chatbots. When customers click buttons or enter keywords, corresponding Chatbot blocks will be triggered. Chatbot will automatically interact with customers and even put tags on them.

Set-up Guide to IG Keyword auto-reply

Keyword auto-reply for Instagram private messages is the most basic application in Instagram Chatbot.

It can be used to answer some common questions in private messages, and also provide automatic replies for Instagram stories.

  1. Enter Omnichat’s admin panel: ‘Advanced Automation’ > ‘Keyword Autoreply’
  2. Click ‘Add New Group’
  3. Select your Instagram account
  4. Click ‘Add New Rule’ and set up the keyword auto-reply

You can save time by setting up keywords of frequently asked questions in advance for auto-reply. Alternative wordings and typos can also be included in the settings. 

Leave a message on IG story and receive auto-reply in IG Direct inbox

Customers who leave private messages replying to Instagram stories can also receive replies automatically.

It can be widely used for pre-orders, group purchases, new product launches, and even interactive games!

Set-up Guide to IG Chatbot

In addition to automatically replying to specific keywords, you can also use the Chatbot to obtain information by allowing customers and fans to interact according to the flow you have arranged.

  1. Enter Omnichat’s admin panel: ‘Advanced Automation’ > ‘Bot Builder’
  2. Add New Bot
  3. Choose the social channels and build the blocks

If you have already set up other chatbots in Omnichat, you can also publish them to Instagram without resetting them.

For instance, if you have set up a Chatbot for Facebook Messenger before, you can publish it directly on IG.

Besides, the incompleted Chatbot will not be shown to customers unless it is made public by clicking the ‘Publish’ button.

How to publish the Chatbot to IG?

Instagram private messages do not have a ‘Get Started’ button like FB Messenger, keyword auto-reply therefore becomes the trigger of IG Chatbot.

Select the Instagram account at ‘Advanced Automation’ > ‘Keyword Autoreply’

  • Trigger keywords: Leave it blank
  • Replies with: Select the welcome message block you just set up

Leaving the keyword column blank means all messages with trigger this rule and start the Chatbot flow.

Exceptional case: Keywords entered by customers can also trigger the auto replies of other keywords. For instance, if you have set an auto-reply for the keyword ‘free shipping’, this automatic reply will be triggered first.

Integration of IG, FB, WhatsApp and LINE

Do you run several social channels at the same time? Will there be messages coming in different platforms?

Through Omnichat, you can integrate all the channels at once and manage IG, FB, LINE, WhatsApp, and website messages in one-stop!

It can also be paired with customer service features applicable to all channels.

Saved Reply

Save the frequently used responses of customer service team in ‘Saved Replies’. The team can just click the book icon next to the input box to select the saved reply and send it out promptly in the conversation.

Website Product Referral Links

When replying to the message, you can directly select the recommended products to customers if you have uploaded the product catalog to Omnichat. Customers can thus receive comprehensive product information, including photos, names, prices, and purchase links.

Coupon Management

By Omnichat, you can easily send coupons on IG, LINE, FB, WhatsApp, and the official website!

How can it be applied on Instagram?

Usage 1: Comment auto-reply to get discounts

Usage 2: Exclusive limited offers on IG stories

With Omnichat’s coupon feature, you can use IG to increase foot traffic of the physical stores.

For example, you can post a story update on the redemption of physical store-exclusive limited gifts. Customers can claim the offer on a first-come-first-served basis. They need to redeem gifts in stores and therefore online traffic is diverted to the offline stores.

IG automated marketing, omni-channel sales, and a variety of flexible applications are waiting for you to explore!

Instagram Chatbot FAQ

  1. Can I broadcast on Instagram?
    Currently unavailable.
  2. Is there a time limit for replying to messages on Instagram?

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