FILA rolled out 11.11 Campaign in WhatsApp with website conversion jumped by 3.5 times

Established in Italy in 1911, the international sportswear giant FILA has become one of the most beloved and renowned sports brands with its heritage Italian design DNA, impeccable quality, true innovation, and extraordinary beauty.

Leveraging the power of WhatsApp, the brand pushed on its digital transformation strategy by adopting Omnichat’s chat commerce solutions to deliver a complete and multi-faceted shopping experience.

Replace SMS with WhatsApp to provide two-way communication for personalised service

FILA used to communicate with customers via SMS, however, there are several pain points cannot be resolved:

  1. Only support one-way communication (customers need to call FILA to follow up if there are any enquiries)
  2. Low click-through rate
  3. Difficult to track sales performance

Aiming to improve the efficiency of customer communication, the sportswear brand has optimised its conversational commerce strategy with WhatsApp Business API.

Build a customer 360 from entering the website to completing the transaction

Omnichat empowers FILA to collect and analyse customer big data such as browsing behaviour and preferences, which helps to drive more profitable sales in precision marketing.

Step 1: Set welcome and promotional messages when entering the website

Pre-set welcome messages and holiday marketing offers with eye-catching banners create a higher possibility to convert potential leads into paying customers. The messages can be tailor made based on the number of times the customer enters the website/specific page, the browsing time, etc.

Step 2: Track customers’ browsing behaviour to achieve automated customer segmentation

Customer behaviours include the browsing pages, the products put in the shopping cart and the purchase records can be tracked, once customers link their WhatsApp accounts to FILA on the website.

Based on shared characteristics, the brand tags and groups the customers for tailored and personalised marketing and sales strategies to meet the needs of specific groups, boosting customer loyalty and Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).

‘As one of the world’s most reliable sports lifestyle brands, FILA understands the value of omnichannel practices and customer shopping journey,’ said Matthew Tam, eCommerce Manager of FILA. ‘We collect customer data and create unique and seamless experiences through Omnichat.’

Step 3: Utilise the Abandoned Cart Recovery to earn a remarkable ROAS of 65!

The Abandoned Cart Recovery feature is the key driver to FILA’s remarkable website sales growth. Converting abandoned carts into sales, automated messages will be sent to remind customers of unchecked items at the scheduled time via WhatsApp.

‘Online special offers such as free delivery, 7-day unconditional refund are highlighted in the messages to drive the attractiveness. Sending out the first reminder message in WhatsApp has contributed a conversion rate of 26% and a ROAS of 65,’ Matthew said.

11.11 Campaign: FILA’s website conversion rate increased by 3.5 times

To celebrate the 11.11 Singles’ Day festival, FILA aims to arouse the fashion and sportswear trend seekers to pick the best products in its eShop. Partnering with Omnichat, the conversion rate of completed transactions within the period increased by 3.5 times in a week.

‘The extraordinary result proves that Omnichat helps to accelerate the customer’s shopping process, and also increase conversions,’ Matthew added.

Online-to-Offline: Distribute coupons online to divert customers to offline stores

Ensuring a sustainable development path, FILA not only lays a solid foundation for offline retail sales, but also focuses on omni-channel integration.

Driving traffic from online to offline, WhatsApp coupons were provided as incentives for VIPs to visit FILA’s brand-new brick-and-mortar store. In order to motivate customers for immediate purchases, the sportswear brand used the countdown timer in the coupons, and a sense of urgency was instilled. With Omnichat, the performance of coupon redemption and usage is visible at a glance, which helps to formulate a more effective remarketing strategy.

Receive the most satisfactory results with the minimum manpower resources

FILA has also used Omnichat for customer service automation. By introducing Chatbot auto-reply to answer customers’ enquiries such as membership scheme, delivery and points, the brand understands the needs of customers in advance, and thus speeds up the response time.

As a result, the response efficiency of FILA’s customer service team has been greatly improved by 67%, and the average customer waiting time has been decreased by 50%, which will definitely improve customer satisfaction.

As a global leader in sporting and lifestyle footwear and apparel, FILA implements a customer-centric approach and strengthens omni-channel brand experience with Omnichat. It is expected that there will be a continuous increase in revenue as well as long-term customer relationships!

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